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LT-Sports weet met jarenlange hands-on ervaring uit de top-sport, precies waar fanatieke sporters behoefte aan hebben, en zorgt hierdoor voor een fantastisch aanbod aan producten en diensten.
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Het zit erop, laatste dag van de Mitas Adria 4 island MTB stage race . 🥈plaats in deze korte stage en een vet mooie 🥉in de GC... Kristien Achten het was super met je you Strong woman!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻
4 Islands
[RISE AND SHINE] Good morning. Sun was up a few minutes ago at 6:19. Current temperature at 10C on island Lošinj should reach about 14C during the day. Forecast? For most of us...probably a working monday tomorrow. So it doesn’t really matter whether it’s going to be cloudy, windy, rainy or full of sunshine. It’s monday ahead. As we all probably agree - a rainy day at the beach is way better than a sunny day in the office, right? To ease the pain of that harsh reality check, here is a video for you - to relive the gorgeous last day at Mitas 4 islands. It was phenomenal. We think. And you?
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Voor de mensen die zich afvragen waarom ik niet in de winkel ben 😉beetje afzien op de mtb in Kroatië
Happy met de 3e plaats... dont kill me Kristien Achten🙈😉
4 Islands
[RISE AND SHINE] Good morning. Sun will be up in a few minutes time at 6:24. Current temperature at 8C on island Rab should reach about 11C during the day on island Cres. Forecast? A bit colder day. With less wind than expected. There is a slim chance of a refreshing morning shower and a cloudy day ahead. Have a look at the video to remind us all how it went yesterday. And have a nice and safe raceday today.
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The 2nd stage had it all.. some drama in the beginning , Dutch marathon style in between (flat open gravel) and a surprisingly finish for 3th spot in the last km. #mitas4islands #whereisthesun #mudmonsters #konabikes #konabikesbenelux #mitasbicycletyres #vitessecyclingwear #scopecycling #konaltdteam #bikebeast #lesangjaune #beachlife
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1e stage #mitas4islands . It was a rocky one with in The end Some rain. Beautiful stage from the moon and back. #swoothmtbshop #bikebeast #lesangjaune #scopecycling #mitasbicycletyres the Rock!!
#cobblecobble #kontdteam #islandshopping #podiumgirls
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1e stage #mitas4islands ✅ . It was the Paris-Roubaix under the stages. 🌧 at the end made the stones extra hard. Felt like salsa dancing 💃 happy again with podium spot 🥉. #swoothmtbshop #konaltdteam #mitasbicycletyres #vitessecyclingwear #srameagle #bikebeast #scopecycling #lesangjaune #stageracing